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Q:    What is the minimum order?
A:     For custom designs, the minimum order is 50pc.

Q:    Using the same design, what is the minimum order per color?  How many color changes are you allowed?
A:    The minimum order with color changes is 100pc with 2 color changes.  There is an additional fee for color

Q:    What is the difference between hot-fix & motif?
A:    Hotfix refers to the material used on patterns with the heat seal back.
        Motif is the term used for completed patterns/designs.

Q:    Do you carry any other except Korean stones?
A:    We offer Korean molded quality, machine cut, and Swarovski.

Q:    How is the price determined?
A:    Price is determined by the quantity, colors, size, method, percentage of fill (stones, studs,    
       nailheads or combination).

Q:    What colors are available?
A:    You can find all available colors online at   

Q:    Does ss4 come in all colors?
A:    SS4(1.6mm) is only available in clear/crystal color.  If a smaller size is needed, you will
        need to refer to our nailhead colors.
Q:    What is the difference between stones/stud/nailhead/dome nailhead?
A:    Stones are glass with facets; Studs are metal that replicate the stone shape;
       Nailheads are flat metal pieces; Dome Nailhead is a smooth raised metal piece.

Q:    Do you sell loose stones/stud/dome/nailhead?  If so, what is the minimum order?
A:    Yes we sell loose materials.  The minimum order is 2gross for 2mm and 3mm sizes
        and 1 gross for 4mm and larger.  Bulk discounts are available for larger quantities.

Q:    How do you apply the transfers?
A:    The transfers are applied with heat transfer machines at specific time, temperature,
        pressure settings.  These will vary depending on your design and product to be

Q:    Can you heat press with home irons?
A:    We do not recommend this method but it can be done.  Each iron has slightly different
        temperature settings and there is no pressure control.  Use of home irons is used at
        your discretion. For Industrial or Hobby presses, please visit heat press machines.

Q:    How long does the stone embellishment stay on?
A:    Motifs should last for many washes as long as extra care is taken.  Due to the
       heat process, any heat will cause the stones to fall off.

Q:    What is the washing instruction?
A:    Typically, washing instructions are: Wash inside out; Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry; Do
        not iron decoration; Or dry clean.

Q:    Can it be applied to hats?
A:    Motifs can be applied to hats but needs to be applied with a specific heat press
       designed for hats.

Q:    Can it be applied to any fabric?
A:    The motifs will adhere to most fabrics but testing is always recommended for more
       difficult and delicate fabrics.

Q:    Can you screen print and embellish w/ rhinestones?
A:    Yes, we offer waterbase inks which allow the stones to adhere on top of the print.

Q:    Can you combine stone/stud/nailhead into 1 design?
A:    Yes, you can combine stones, studs, and nailheads into 1 design.  This will help with the
       dimensional effect.

Q:    What different technique/applique can be combined with a rhinestone motif?
A:    We offer hologram foil and glitter patches onto one transfer with your motifs.

Q:    What is the sample/production lead time?
A:    Sample lead time is approximately 2-3 working days upon artwork approval.
        Production lead time is approximately 5-7 working days upon sample approval.  Larger
       quantities may warrant longer lead times.

Q:    Can we bypass the samples?
A:    Yes, you can bypass the sample process.  However, it is your responsibility to depict the
        exact stone color required and approve the art proof that is provided by our artist.  Since
        every manufacturer has slightly different names for colors, it is your responsibility to
       review our colors prior to placing your order.

Q:    Can you rush the order; if so what is the lead time for rush?
A:    Rush orders are available for most orders.  Please inquire with your sales representative.
       If available for you, then the typical lead time is approximately 3-5 working days upon
       artwork and/or sample approval.  Rush charges will apply separately.

Q:    What is a mold charge?
A:    The molding fee is for the materials that are needed to set your patterns on the motif.

Q:    What is the sample/mold cost?
A:    Our typical mold charge will vary based on your final design.  Smaller and more simple
       designs will start around $50 up to $65.  Larger and more complicated designs will be a
       higher fee.

Q:    Do you reimburse sample/mold charge towards the production order?
A:    We can credit back your sample and/or mold charge based on orders of 1000pc or more.
        Please inquire with your sales representative.

Q:    What is the difference between silicone and acrylic tape?
A:    Acrylic and Silicone tape is a release tape used to hold the stones.  Silcone is used when
        there is a high quantity of stones and stone sizes to create the motif.  This tape will limit
        the movement of stones during transport.

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