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Multi-cut Metallic

Multi-cut Metallic
Gold Polished
Style #711
2mm 3mm 6mm
Silver Polished
Style #739
2mm 3mm 6mm
Jet Polished
Style #701
2mm 6mm  
Gold Brushed
Style #735
4 mm 5 mm  
Silver Brushed
Style #781
4 mm 5 mm  
Jet Brushed
Style #722
3 mm 4 mm

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Rogen Studio is excited to offer specialty screen prints that will give you a distinctive and unique look to accent your garments.


Giddy Up Rides | Giddy Up Horses | 3D Face Dolls

With over 2500 clients only Rogen Studio label division offers our clients the unbeatable combination of trendy designs, distinctive materials and the latest in technology / manufacturing concepts.